With the free Toury app on your mobile phone, cycling becomes a virtual race. You can compete against yourself and against others, or you can form a team together with friends and colleagues. You don’t need to be a racing cyclist to join: points can be scored in a variety of ways. Anyone can join the race!



How Toury works

Toury the cycling game is an app that lets you cycle a virtual race every four weeks, competing against yourself or forming a team with colleagues or friends. Toury shows how much you’re saving on car costs and in CO2 emissions and how many calories you’re burning by cycling.

A new week begins every Monday at 0:00am and ends on Sunday night. A new game begins every four weeks. You score points by cycling during rush hour and by improving your scores. Whoever has the most points after four weeks wins the yellow jersey.





Emiel (26 years, Winner of Toury July 2015) is a true games fanatic, who loves to compete. As the winner, Emiel could spend a weekend in Paris, and attend the finish of the Tour de France. Read his full story here.

Luuk (teacher, age 24, Beek) discovered Toury the cycling game and now takes the bike for his commute between and Beek and Nijmegen. He saves 38 euros on petrol per month and helps the environment at the same time.

Bert (PE teacher, age 48, Zevenaar) uses Toury every day to cycle 5km along the high-speed cycle path to Duiven and back. He sets a good example and gets the recommended daily amount of exercise just by cycling.

Angelique (business process manager at CCV, age 38, Arnhem) sees Toury as a way to help her realise her New Year’s resolutions: lose a few pounds. It helps her clear her mind at the same time.




Download Toury and start cycling

Download the free Toury app now from Google Play or the App Store. Join the race and share your experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter.