“Thanks to Toury the advice to ‘go ahead and cycle’ became more attainable and fun”

Emiel3Emiel Helmink (26) is a coordinator in Environmental Vision at the Province of Gelderland. When the Dutch travel regulations (living-working) changed in 2015, it benefitted many of his colleagues, but for Emiel it worked out differently. “Instead of getting a ‘trajectory card’ (trajectkaart), I now got a fixed amount based on the distance between my home and my work, and the amount of days that I commuted. Because I make relatively short train rides, for which I pay a relatively high basic fare (starttarief) to the NS, it turned out to be less beneficial for me. Actually, I had to pay extra every month in order to keep commuting by train. The advice of my manager was: “Why don’t you go ahead and ride your bike?” This turned out to be a great advice, especially with Toury the bike game”.

More refreshed at work

“I am a games freak by nature. I love a good battle. So when I read the announcement at the Provincial Intranet, I quickly made the decision to participate – together with a colleague who rides an e-bike and who participated in the e-bike classification. As I got further along in the game, not only did I enjoy it more, I also noticed that my cycling improved. I arrived at work feeling more fresh and energized. It was the best start of the day. And after work, cycling was the perfect way to ‘let go’”.

Paris within reach

When the number one contender fell back, Emile suddenly found him self in the second place. “It was a great moment when I realised: Now this trip to Paris is within my reach! That really brought out the fanatic in me. I cycled to work and back as much as I could. Also, I could win special jerseys and points, for example by sharing my Toury-experiences on Social Media – something which my direct competitor didn’t do”. So this is how Emiel ended up with the first prize. He won a weekend to Paris, to attend the Tour de France. “A wonderful weekend and an unforgettable experience. And after the summer holiday? I will just ride with Toury to work again”.