The results

The cycling potential of commuters who travel to work by car is 32%: this is the group whose commuting distance is less than 15 kilometres. In fact 45% of this group travel less than 7.5km.

With Toury the cycling game, 36% of this group start cycling to work more often. Even when they stop actively using the app, 33% continue to cycle more than they did previously.

Fun is the main reason for 70% of people to join, while a quarter of them sign up for the prizes. Others join to get into shape (18%), to help the environment (13%) or to save money compared with commuting by car (16%).




What is Toury?

Toury the cycling game encourages your people to start commuting by bike. The cycling game is played using the Toury app: a tried and tested way to change commuting habits. Various live activations such as the E-bike Experience and ‘Get your bike fixed‘ serve to highlight the possibilities of cycling. Toury the cycling game is appealing in its informality, suits everyone’s preferences and is effective.




Fitter employees = fitter organisation

Toury the cycling game motivates players to go out and get moving. You need to persuade your people to get on their bikes that ‘first time’ – and then again and again, until they get into the habit of cycling regularly. To achieve this, the programme involves a series of positive processes and activations that use a variety of methods to motivate your people to begin cycling and keep at it. As an employer, you will get access to the online dashboard where you can follow the results of your company.



Why does it work?

Toury the cycling game is based on intensive demographic research into intrinsic motivations. The result is a set of 3 typologies (personas) for employees who can be influenced to take the bicycle more often to travel to work.

Toury the cycling game is a tried and tested concept that’s being improved all the time. The result is impressive: Toury the cycling game helps to structurally change your employees’ commuting habits.


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Introducing Toury within your organisation costs you nothing. The app is available for free download by all your employees. We also offer the following options alongside the app:

#1 Internal communication campaign
Order promotional material to encourage your people to start using the app.

#2 Employers dashboard
New to this edition is the online dashboard for employers. Here you will see, amongst other things, how often and how far your employees are cycling, and how many calories they are burning. Of course, the dashboard will only show the totals and mean scores, as we respect the privacy of our participants. Would you like to have a look at the dashboard? Please request a demo account here.

#3 Customisation
Have the Toury app, including a communication campaign, customised according to your house style.


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